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June 1, 2017

Whew...It appears I dodged a big mess. I'm still on level 1 and no case was ever served for the incident on Saturday.
I'm very fortunate, but I also think the Sergeant realised that I didn't do it for any other reason than to get a guy some food.
Some guys who jack the food slot do it for bs reasons and I wouldn't stick my neck out of the line unless I felt it was an issue I needed to get addressed.
I'm just really lucky though because I could be stuck on level 2 right now with almost no property, starving half to death (which would've been ironic considering the circumstances...) for 90 days. See, sometimes it pays to do some ol' civil disobediance.

We're now on day 4 of the lockdown and they should be on C-pod (the pod I've been on for the last 5 months) tomorrow or Monday.
I'm hoping it's Monday if I'm honest because the crew shaking down right now is pretty hardcore on shakedowns.
And I'd like to be stuck outside for three hours in the sun, not in the rain like it's doing right now.

I woke up this morning pretty energized and started cleaning my cell and washing my sheets. Then I caught up on some writing and now I'm just killing time listening to the radio and typing this out. Tonight the NBA championship games start and I might catch that. I'd like Golden State to win, but Cleveland will more likely win overall. Who knows.

I'll write more this weekend.

May 30, 2017

Tuesday...We're definitely on lockdown. Breakfast was a handful of raisins and two fried eggs thrown in a sack. I woke up, exercised and took a bird bath.
Now I'm just waiting anxiously to see if I'm told to pack my stuff up and head out to F-pod or what...I won't know anything until later tonight or possibly tomorrow.
They've already started to shake the building down so that has at least started. I still don't think, and most of the guys around me as well, that I'm going to go to F-pod.
You've got guys who pull their dicks out on the female guards on a regular basis and the harshest punishment they get is 15 days commissary restriction.
Surely, trying to get a man some food isn't going to warrant a harsher punishment ? Time will tell...

Now i'm just sitting around waiting to listen to the two hour end of the month special of the Classic Club Hour on Tuesdays...Last week they did an entire hour of The Cure's "Kiss me kiss me kiss me" album and was so freakin' badass. To hear songs I've not listened to in over 20 years ? Check out these three B-sides "Just breathe", "Snow in summer" and "Chain of flowers". Sooo good and should have been on the album, but still the album itself is sooo good. Not a bad song in my opinion.

Gonna go and watch the horses outside of my window for a bit...


May 29, 2017

Memorial day. I won't know on the case until tomorrow and when I went to rec earlier this morning some guys were asking me why I helped that "loser" out.
I said "Look, I'm just going to say this: if they'll do it to him, they'll do it to you or me and we honestly let these officers get away with too much.
They're always stretching and pushing to see how far they go. I stood on principle and it'd be nice to see more of you guys do it as well so they won't fuck us so much back here." After that I left it at that.

When I came back from recreation they told us we're on lockdown. On Memorial day !
Unbelievable...None of us expected it to happen until at least mid June or early July especially during Ramadan for the muslims because they fast all day and are going to be even hungrier once they get just a sack lunch for dinner at sun down. Crazy !!! Oh well, better to get it over now, I suppose.

So, I'm sitting in my cell with little to do on this holiday and I was thinking back as I tend to do each Memorial day weekend and think about the summer of '95 when I left home to go to Louisville and things just went downhill after that. We have moments in our lives when you can look back in hindsight and see a literal fork in the road, a place where the universe divides itself and there are two alternate possibilities. I'm living one and some other version of me stayed home, hopped in the Suburban with my dad and went to the grocery store. I'm definitely not sitting here in a cell and typing on a typewriter facing death...Nuts. I hope my alternate universe version is happy, maybe successful with a couple of kids. I'm sure he's living in Kentucky somewhere. I don't know why I know that, but I'm sure he is.


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