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Dear Readers

Randys Poems

Dear Poem Readers,
Hello and welcome to the "poetry" portion of the site. Though, I wouldn´t really call what I write poetry.
Instead, they are more and less sketches of lyrics for music that is constantly playing in my mind.
I was raised playing piano and even during my highschool years I was in a small wannabe rock band.
I can hear an instrumental piece on the radio and begin to skribble down thoughts that flow with the music and often they become what you will read or I will hear a melody in my head and the same process occurs.
Sometimes a line or thought will pop up out of nowhere and I will sketch something around that.
Admittedly a lot of these are garbage.
I never took the time to really flesh them out but they are from a real and emotional place inside of me so hopefully in some kind of way it redeems them.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy them
Randy Ethan Halprin

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