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Dear Readers

Randys Journals

Dear Journal Readers,

I thought I´d write an introduction to my journal.
I haven´ t had an on going journal in many years and if I´m honest, it feels really good to be back.
My first journal entry began in August of 2005.
I had been on Death Row for little over two years  and I was going through a lot of emotional turmoil.
I was lost, confused and I had no real sense of who I was.
I´ve always been into writing but I had never used it as therapy or a means  to work out who I was when a friend suggested that I begin to keep a journal.
I would spend my thoughts to him and he suggested I share them with a larger audience.
I wasn´t sure how I felt  about it at the time because and the first incarnation of a website about me began.
I shut everything down in 2008 and began again in 2009 when unnecessary drama and heartache caused it´ s collapse in 2011.
I´m hoping that this site, as it stands is it´s final incarnation.
Much of what was written post 2008  has been lost due to the site beeing passed from hand to hand but I will do my best to fill in those years as I write new journals.
I just hope that you will take the time to read these and join me on my journey of self discovery.
I´ ve been throught a lot over these years and times I have faultered and have even had some set backs but I´ve never allowed them to deter me from having a basic humanity and love about me  and to continue to grow.
If you are here to jugge me and laugh at me all that I ask is you take the time to really read my words you´ll leran something of those who are here along with me and mybe even yourself and others around you.
I like to say that life isn´t a lesson in futility and it truly isn´t.

...some names have been changed to protect their identities..
There are some entries that use bad language  so parental advisory is suggested.
Also, please  forgive the many punctual and grammatical errors in the writings.
It would be incredibliy time consuming to correct every single mistake so I ask the reader to forgive any and all errors. Each entry goes  through several hands in the process of getting  my words from Death Row to your computer in a timely fashion

Thank you for your patience.
I hope you will enjoy my writings.

Randy Ethan Halprin

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