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Greetings and Welcome

"Greeting and welcome to this website"                     

We are a group of Randy´s  friends that operate this page.
Randy has no access to the  internet or a computer.  
Anything that is posted on this site is ultimately up to the webmasters judgement.
Randy is not direct involvement in this page.

We thank you so much for coming to this site. Some of you may have sought it out or some of you may have stumbled upon it by chance, but for whatever reason that brought  you here we hope that you will enter Randy's world with an open heart and open mind. We realize that much of what is written in these pages will be viewed either cynically or subjectively, but we believe that in the end you cannot ignore the humanity  that has blossomed in Randy's life. Ultimately, we hope that you will leave this site with a different outlook on the death penalty and how it is applied. It is our hope that those who believe in the death penalty discover that a vengeful society, a society  without forgiveness, compassion, reconciliation and love is not the answer. Hopefully you will see that the death penalty only creates an endless cycle of pain and suffering. Death should never be the final and only solution.
This is NOT a fan site or  forum in which to ask you for legal or financial support. Nor is there any intent to be disrespectful to the serious matters of this subject or any victim of any offender. The world that Randy describes is not a funland. Yes, there are moments of light  heartedness in his writings, but that should never be taken out of context of the dark and seriousness of the subject matter. Compassion and love does exist on death row. These men are capable of redemption. We hope that you will go through this website  with that thought on your mind. We hope that you will listen to Randy's story, if not we ask that you please listen to someone's. He's not the only man on Death  Row and until things change he surely won't be the last…

Thank you

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