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July 2014

Randys Journals

So, last friday I was listening to this show called " What Would you Do?"  The premisof it is this: They hide cameras in various settings and then do
different social experiments to guage how a particular person or people respond.  They might have an actress go into a college bar and act like she's drunk
and then have another actor approach her and attempt to take advantage of
her just to see if other patrons step in and prevent it. The episode I listened  to on friday was particulary moving and honestly brought me to tears. I don't  know why it touched me so much, but it did. It gave me hope and showed that  there are just really good and genuine people in this world...
The experiment was this: They had a guy who dressed up like a beat up and  smelly homeless person. He stood outside a very nice deli ( or that is what  I assume it was-some sort of sandwhich shop) A woman would walk up to him  and hand him twenty dollars and tell him to go inside and get something  to eat. Another actor would act as the waitress and belittle the 'homeless'  guy and see of other attendees would come to the defense of the homeless guy. Some patrons would act repulsed by the dirty man, but a few did come  to his defense and insisted on him being served. The one that moved me so
much was an older man who told the homeless guy to sit down with him and have  some soup. The waiter then would come up and begin to chide him and the old
man came to his defense. Then, after the homeless man left the waiter continued  to berate the guy and the old man just tore into him, telling him we all have  our struggles and hard times. That he was no better than the homeless guy.
there was so much ( geeze, I'm getting choked up writing about it...) compassion
in the old mans voice. I could hear in his own words the struggles and difficulties  he's had in his own life and man, I was bawling like a baby. It really moved
me and it really made me focus again on my own life and path...There are people  out there who accept me for who I am presently and care little about my past because they understand that I am not defined ( or shouldn't be defined) by
my mistakes. My past, my journey...it has all lead to the present and I can't  live in the past or even in the future. I can only live in the here and now.  The good, the bad, the ugly... And I think that if more of us saw the world  through the old man's eyes it would be a much better place. I think we'd be  less hesitant to judge or condemn one another.
Admittedly, with all of the crap that has gone on over the past I had become  a little jaded and cynical about certain things. But knowing there are loving
 people in this world. People who would invite a dirty, stinky homeless person  to it down and enjoy a bowl of soup with him kind of makes that feeling go  away. It makes me say to myself, " Dude, there are always going to be shitty  people, but there are people who love you and you are worth loving." I have  no control over how people judge or feel...I can only control myself and not  feed into it.
I came across an interesting quote the other day. It was taken from a Kurt  Vonnegut novel. The 5irens Of Titan. It says, " A purpose of human life, no  matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved."
Things have been relatively okay down here. It's been hotter than Hades but  I think we're supposed to get a cool front. For the most part outside of the  past week or so it hasn't been the typical blazing summer. We usually have
a whole month or more of 100 plus degree weather.

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