Randy Halprin

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Randys Case

"Randy`s case"

Randy Ethan Halprin has been sitting on Texas Death Row waiting to die since 2003 for a crime he did not commit.
Randy was charged  under "Law of Parties".

This unjust law states that even though a co-defendant may NOT have participated in the murder or caused a death, he can still face the death penalty.
Randy could not anticipate that a murder would occur.
There were several errors made in Randy's trial and Randy did NOT receive a fair trial.
There is evidence of prosecutorial misconduct.  
They also would not allow a key and crucial document created by the State of Texas that clearly shows Randy as the  least dangerous of his co-defendants.
It was proven that Randy was not a shooter.
There original statements from his co-defendants whom ALL state that Randy did not shoot.
There is also recent testimony from three of the co-defendants re-affirming these facts and stating that had they been called to testify in Randy's trial on these  issues, they would have.

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