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Virtual Tour Polunsky Unit

I'm not the first person to share pictures of Polunsky Unit/Death Row on a website, but I thought it would be interesting to give a 'virtual tour' of the place I'm staying at. There are several identical units strewn across Texas.
Ironically, the unit that I escaped from in 2000 - Connally Unit - is built exactly the same. What makes Polunsky unique is that it holds several hundred men in Administrative Segregation (solitary confinement)
Building aka: 12 Building or DEATH ROW. A/B/C and half of F-pod house Death Row inmates.
The rest of the building holds men serving various sentences who for one reason or another were also placed in solitary confinement; usually escapes, gang related activity or staff assaults.
Recent studies have shown that long term placement in this environment leads to psychological and physical damage on the individual.

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